Distributed Ledger Technology in Healthcare: Why AfyaRepo?

AfyaRepo is the perfect eHealth and telemedicine platform. Every healthcare provider across the globe aspires to provide person-based care. We agree. You cannot separate high quality care from person-centred care. We also subscribe to the idea that person-centred care starts with giving that person control of their health records.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) such as blockchain and Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) ushers in a new paradigm in data storage and information exchange. AfyaRepo utilising third generation distributed ledger technology is aimed at making this aspiration a reality for one and all.


For the patient:

  • This means retaining control of own medical records and guaranteed privacy
  • Enhanced security of own medical records
  • Portability is a an important and potentially life-saving gain. You are guaranteed instant access to your own medical records whenever and wherever required
  • Enhanced ability to consult doctors of own choice  unconstrained by geographical location or time of day
  • Ability to access telemedicine services, occasionally eliminating need for unnecessary, inconvenient, or expensive travel
  • Internet of things (IoT) and the proliferation of connected devices mean the ability to document own health information and get this on your official records is now a reality
  • Potential for reduction of healthcare costs by eliminating need for unnecessary repeat tests, a common feature of the current arrangements


For Healthcare Providers

  • Transfer or access to a new patient’s existing medical records remains a big challenge all across the world, even in developed societies. It is also a health risk for individual patients. This eliminates that issue at a stroke. Instant access to the patients’ complete medical records will facilitate enhanced care quality
  • Significantly reduced need for expensive servers and recurrent data security expenses will, in due course, translate into markedly reduced IT capital and maintenance costs
  • Optimised care quality through the availability of reliable and comprehensive medical information for each patient thereby reducing medical errors and delayed intervention
  • Enhanced quality and reliability of care quality data for the healthcare facility
  • Transformed engagement with insurers and enhanced liquidity through automated settlements via smart contracts
  • Freed up resources can be deployed in other areas to improve care quality

For the Health Insurer

  • Immutability of patients’ records and other guarantees of provenance in the smart contracts functionality mean the risk of fraud is potentially significantly curtailed. This is a major drain on resources for many health insurance firms across the globe.
  • Deployed smart contracts should also mean significantly reduced administrative and other costs of handling claims as this process would be automated
  • Data breaches are common, and incidences have continually increased over the years. This is a particular vulnerability of centralised databases which. Over the years they have cost healthcare providers and insurers are fortune. Decentralised distributed databases is the main attribute of blockchain.


For Health Authorities and Governments

  • Comprehensive deployment of AfyaRepo will enable availability of reliable up to date public health data. This will enable health authorities to have enhanced capacity for public health planning.
  • Authorities will also acquire enhanced ability for more accurate modeling for risk and resource planning and allocation
  • Most countries have multiple health care providers, both public and private. This will enable improved ability to monitor quality of care across the myriad service providers using data that is reliable
  • This also provides enhanced capability for surveillance of drugs safety and effectiveness
  • Health authorities have a solemn duty to the people to ensure high quality care. This gives them the ability to reaffirm commitment to accuracy, timeliness, and shared-decision making as achievable care quality standards


For the Researcher and Software/Application Developer

  • Seamless access to real-time anonymised patient health data will save time, money and effort and greatly enhance research efficiency
  • Increased interoperability with similar dApps facilitating the merging of data
  • Improved ability to develop and exploit neural networks
  • Improved ability to develop and deploy health monitoring Applications and wearables
  • Significantly improved opportunities for innovation due to reliable and comprehensive data that is instant, dynamic, and up to date

AfyaRepo is the perfect eHealth and telemedicine platform

With all that we have discussed above,there is little doubt that distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as blockchain or DAG provides a golden opportunity for individuals and healthcare authorities alike. The quality and accessibility of healthcare can be transformed if this opportunity is seized.

Distributed Ledger Technology  is not devoid of challenges. Nonetheless, there are many good and determined people who are working day and night to address these. The AfyaRepo team is well-placed and focused on playing an active role to deliver this transformation. This is particularly the case for the marginalised societies with limited resources

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