Blockchain and the AfyaRepo Story

The blockchain and the AfyaRepo Story is about delivery of high quality healthcare. The emergence and rapid development of blockchain technology in the last few years has provided a unique opportunity to transform the handling of health records and revolutionise healthcare delivery for individuals and communities including those in resource-challenged countries.

AfyaRepo is made up of individuals who have a vast combined experience in healthcare delivery and leadership both in developed and developing countries. They have joined forces with colleagues with expertise in Information Systems, brought together by their passion and a common vision; that of deploying blockchain technology to transform healthcare delivery, starting with people in most need

The AfyaRepo Team

Joe Kabyemela

Founder and Senior Clinician

Edephonce Nfuka

Information Systems Expert

Joe Kabukoba

Senior Clinician

Edmund Ijumba

DOE and Math Modeling Expert

Blockchain and the AfyaRepo Story is about delivery of high quality healthcare

Blockchain for higher quality healthcare

Access to healthcare in the developing world remains one of humanity’s greatest challenges. It has been thus for as long as this information has been documented.

Healthcare workers in resource poor countries always work very hard, often in very challenging conditions. Having smooth access to each patient’s accurate and complete health information will contribute significantly in improving outcomes and the overall quality of healthcare being delivered. The Blockchain and  AfyaRepo story is about facilitating the successful delivery of this ambition

Coming together

AfyaRepo is determined to come together with the hard-working healthcare workers, public and independent providers and the relevant authorities in the target region to lift up standards.  Blockchain technology offers a unique opportunity to transform healthcare, among other things, for individuals and whole societies. That is the Blockchain and AfyaRepo story in a nutshell.

The world's most needy deserve better quality healthcare